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Medicinal Marijuana for Chronic Pain


People suffering from chronic pain have a completely different requirement when it comes to pain relief, sleeping aids and problems with eating. Consider the time immediately after breaking a bone, like an ankle or a wrist, and think of how sleeping or eating a meal would not be on the list of things that are likely to happen. Chronic pain can be characterized as a debilitating pain that disallows the sufferer to work, walk more than a hundred yards or so without assistance, and to sleep or eat properly.Amazingly, smoking or ingesting marijuana eases all or most of the symptoms associated with chronic pain, neurological and neuromuscular pain.

But just as there are hundreds of strains of marijuana, all of which qualifying as medical marijuana, people have differing benefits from each strain. Although there are many indica strains that are quite effective in battling the effects of chronic pain on the sufferer’s body, there are many more sativa strains that are a lot more effective due to being extremely more potent.Please note that none of the strains of medicinal marijuana should be smoked or ingested if driving a motor vehicle within four to five hours of use. Marijuana should not be used when at the place of employment or where smoking cigarettes is not allowed, or when pregnant. Although people with medicinal marijuana licenses are allowed to smoke wherever smoking is permitted, common sense should be used. As well, licenses can be revoked and criminal charges lain if license holders are caught sharing or selling any of their allotment.Five of the better strains of medicinal marijuana for chronic pain sufferers:Island Sweet Skunk. This sativa strain of medicinal marijuana is very potent but the effects are not very long lasting for long-time smokers.

However, for patients just starting to use marijuana for the first time this would be a very good choice for an evening’s smoke as it is more of a hash-like body buzz.  Island Sweet Skunk is very resinous, sticky to the touch with lots of white crystals and red hairs, has a sweet taste and is very easy on the throat with no heavy, dark smoke. Effects are sleepiness, munchies, loss of concentration, couch-potato syndrome and relief of pain and muscle twitching.
Chocoloupe. This sativa strain of medicinal marijuana is extremely potent with long lasting effects for long-term smokers. It should be used by patients with extreme pain, muscular twitches and problems eating and sleeping. As most strains of marijuana’s effects lessen with any foods being eaten, Chocoloupe keeps working through and after a munchies session or even a big meal, which this strain will allow chronic pain sufferers to eat. Smoking should be restricted to after the time when the patient is home for the night. Effects are pain relief, munchies, laziness (couch potato but not for sleeping) and slight loss of concentration.
MJ. MJ is a very sweet sativa strain of medicinal marijuana that is one of the more potent strains other than skunk. MJ should not be smoked during the day unless a nap is one of the patient’s main wishes. Effects are pain relief, relief from muscle twitching, extreme sleepiness, loss of concentration and mild munchies.Jack Herer. “The Jack” as Jack Herer is commonly known is sativa strain that offers a nice, smooth smoke, great for daytime or evening use when used in moderation. One of the more sticky strains, the Jack is sometimes rather messy to roll, so using a vaporizer is suggested.
Northern Lights. One of the long-standing better sativa strains of medicinal marijuana, northern lights is a lighter smoke but can be rather harsh on the lungs and throat (think “don’t cough, don’t get off”). Northern lights can have some seriously large buds, and can be used at all times of the day and night. Better for patients who need a small smoke in order to eat in the morning. Effects are minor pain relief, strong munchies with mid-length lasting effects. Can drive within a few hours of smoking.
As there are literally hundreds of strains of both the indica and sativa strains of marijuana, as well as all of the cross strains that are made, if 100 patients are asked to list their top-5 favourite strains of medicinal marijuana all of the lists would most likely be different. However the majority of the lists would all have at least one of the strains mentioned here.Depending upon where patients live, whether they grow their product inside or outside and where they get their seeds or clones from, similar strains can be quite different from place to place, depending upon how they are grown, cultivated and prepared (dried and cleaned). However, there would be a strong showing for the better sativa strains over the indica strains of medicinal marijuana for the majority of chronic pain patient’s lists of their top-5 favourite medicinal marijuana strains.


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Craig July 6, 2011 at 6:17 PM

Top five strains great article! Nice easy read with relevant info on medical cannabis specifics. Wish there were more articles like this to help the clients with choosing what medicine works for them. I liked the section in the article that referenced how it was grown and cured. Organics or a mix of both seem to be the way to go.
Nice work

Aladinsane July 13, 2011 at 11:40 AM

very nice article, well versed and neatly explains why each strain is useful to the patients, who are the end-users of the medicinal marijuana. I can’t wait to try the Chocoloupe, it sounds like the strain i have been looking for!!!

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